Preview: Another

If you like suspense and mystery, this upcoming anime series “Another”, premiering January 9, 2012 will definitely be a treat for you! (Yes, Higurashi fans I’m talking about you guys >,<)

“Another” is a novel turned Anime (It’s just the trend lately isn’t it ) by Ayatsuji Yukito. The story follows the protagonist, Koichi Sakakibara as a transfer student to Yomiyama’ North Middle School, who slowly come to understand the “curse” in that particular school is not exactly just a harmless urban legend…
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Autumn 2011 anime season preview

After summer comes the fall, and with it, a new anime season. I am sure many of you have enjoyed the various shows in the summer, like Kami-memo and Usagi Drops among many others. My personal favourite so far has been Kamisama Dolls and Usagi Drops. The autumn season though seems set to outshine the summer, with popular series like Shana and Ika Musume returning. So let us take a look at my personal favourites for the coming anime season…

As usual, all information in this preview is taken from / Anime News Network.

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FLOW, LiSA and GirlDeMo, May’n and Ichiro Mizuki confirmed for AFA11

The Anime Festival Asia Facebook page announced on Tuesday some of the artistes coming down for AFA11 anisong concert. The four artistes who have been confirmed are Ichiro Mizuki a.k.a Aniki, LiSA and her band Girls Dead Monster (GirlDeMo), May’n and FLOW. AFA organisers have said that more news on other artistes coming down for AFA11 will be released soon. No other information is available as yet. Read More →

Spring 2011 Anime Season Preview

I might have chose Gosick as my pick of last season but I think (and I am sure quite a few will agree with me) that the biggest surprise and sleeper hit for Winter 2011 surely belongs to Puella Magi Madoka Magica. Thus I am hopeful that the coming season will have more pleasant surprises for anime fans to look forward to, even as we remember those who died in the recent quake and tsunami in Japan.

As usual,  all information in this preview is taken from / Anime News Network. Do note that broadcast dates might be subject to changes due to the Japan quake.

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