STGCC: NUS Presentations – Database Vs Narrative

The National University of Singapore organized a series of paper presentations at the Singapore Toys, Games, and Comics Convention, mostly held in one (very cold) conference room. This was the first time they’re trying something like this, and they think it’s had a fairly good showing, so they’ll be holding another series of talks next year.

The audience for these talks was small, but still respectable: not as packed as the other more popular panels at the “main events”, but not completely empty either. I do get the impression that many of those present were other academics, and they all knew each other well.

Each of these presentations were full of Deep Thoughts, or at least catalysts for Deep Thoughts. Unfortunately these Thoughts take some time to go through to fully digest, so I’ll have to take the talks one at a time. Not all the talks, of course, but mainly the ones I feel I have some knowledge about.

The first, and I think by far the one most relevant to my interests, was Database vs. Narrative: Two Theories on Contemporary Production/Consumption of Toys, Games, and Comics from Japan, presented by Mr. Kam Thiam Huat (National University of Singapore).

TLDR version: People can enjoy anime by focusing on characters or by focusing on setting, and both are equally valid ways of looking at anime fandom.

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Anime Festival Asia X – The Disappearance of Haruhi Suzumiya

The Twitter coverage of Anime Festival Asia X continues unabated and undaunted. Once again, the content there is primary, mostly due to being a great deal more timely.

However, I promised to write something about the main highlight of AFA X Day Two for me, which was what I arrived an hour early for: the screening of The Disappearance of Haruhi Suzumiya.

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Anime Festival Asia X – Day One

(Every time I see the AFA mascot in that pose, I keep thinking he’s going to sprain something.)

The Animenauts coverage of Anime Festival Asia X is primarily on Twitter, starting from here, which I suppose is technically the preliminaries. I have absolutely no idea how Twitter deals with checking later and previous tweets, so I’m afraid this is the best I can do right now.

In the meantime, some extra bits and pieces I didn’t get the chance to tweet about:

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The Animenauts Podcast Episode 1

Clocking in at about 48 minutes and 49 seconds is our first podcast, rejoicing in the stunningly unimaginative name of “The Animenauts Podcast”.

Mediafire link, since I don’t have any details on getting direct FTP access to the site just yet. It is, like many others, one of those things we keep putting off until we really, really need it.

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StreetNaut: Orchard Central, 17 October

When I exited Orchard Central at about 5:30pm today, I saw a group of cosplayers in front of the main entrance. (We shall leave aside what I was doing at Orchard Central in the first place, although co-bloggers Anthony and Edward can easily guess by my drastically-reduced wallet. Phantasy Star Portable 2 GET~) I admit the primary reason I noticed them is because of the Naruto cosplayer in show-accurate bright orange, and I have no idea how that works for the whole Ninja Master Of Stealth thing, but I digress.

If you are part of the group who was there, please do contact us. We’d love to hear from you, and any clarifications or corrections will be put up as soon as possible.

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Live Action Hayate The Combat Butler In Taiwan?

From Taiwanese gamer news site GNN comes a report of a Hayate the Combat Butler live action drama. The two leads have been named, and I shall have to leave it to someone else who actually keeps track of the World In Three Dimensions to give more details.

The live-action series will be broadcast on Gala Television (GTV).

I have no idea how they’re going to adapt the comedic references to just about everything ever, but speculation shall abound, like it always does. Considering the popularity of shows like Hana Yori Dango, turned into a zillion (well, four, not including sequels) live-action series, at least it’s not like this is the first time Taiwan television has attempted to adapt an anime.

I suspect we may not be hearing anything close to Norio Wakamoto as narrator. And I am sure plenty of people will be wondering, with varying degrees of dread, about Hinagiku, while I ponder the ever-seventeen Maria.

Update from Anthony: A really big LOLWHUT from me. Anyways, the lead characters are played by Park Shin Hye (Goong S, You’re Beautiful) and George Hu (ToGetHer, K.O.3an Guo) as Nagi and Hayate respectively. I am not particularly familiar with either of them as I am more of a J-Drama fan. Nonetheless, I will probably watch an episode or two at least to see how it translates as a live-action series. I will be one of those curious about who will play Hinagiku as well, if she ever appears in the Taiwan series. Preferably someone who can pull off a Tsundere character…
(Source: ANN)

JA: Tsun tsun dere tsun dere tsun tsun~

… sorry.

Demo Review: Recettear – An Item Shop’s Tale

After a long silence, suddenly the first thing I review is not an anime, but a game. What madness is this?

Recettear is a fun little shop-simulation game with dungeon-crawling elements, which is like saying Facebook is a popular social networking site: the summarized statement doesn’t quite convey how fun (hint: very).

It was originally released in its full form by doujin game makers EasyGameStation at Comiket 73 (December 31 2007, if you were wondering; the demo was out in C72, I think). In July 2010, Carpe Fulgur brought it over to English, releasing a demo version which can be downloaded from their website. The full game will be sold via Stardock’s Impulse content delivery service at around September 10, assuming all goes well.

Major Update: Recettear now also will be available on GamersGate and, to the expectation of many, Steam. The delay in getting the game there is apparently due to many distributors not answering their emails.

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The Windows 7 Theme Song

[youtube I7aJ_vjIXwc]

Nanami Madobe (voiced by Nana Mizuki) has released a single, “Nanairo Generator“, as Microsoft tries to make use of as many “nana”-related puns and gags as they possibly can. The limited-edition single was released with the DSP version of Windows 7 Ultimate.

Yes, this is the song you hear in the background of the commercial.

I think it’s quite catchy, although it’s not anything particularly innovative. The lyrics are pretty standard “let’s do our best, yay~”.

How far we have come since the early days of OS-tans.

Edited since apparently I can’t embed the Youtube video. Sadface.

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DK: No, it’s what happens when I am too blur to check what plugins we already have. Thanks for the edit, Ant.

Review: Professor Layton And The Eternal Diva

Professor Layton and The Eternal Diva poster

(K17: You do understand that I HAD to choose this poster as it was the only one which had Maki Horikita in it…)

(Crossposted verbatim to my other blog.)

It is probably just a coincidence that the (relatively minor side) character who desires Eternal Life so she can stay forever young and beautiful is voiced by Kikuko “Eien ni 17-sai” Inoue.

Professor Layton and the Eternal Diva was kindly brought to Singapore by Encore Films and Golden Village, although I doubt GV actually knows what to do with a movie like this, since it’s being shown in a limited number of theatres… let’s see… (*checks SMS*) Plaza Singapura, Marina Square, Bishan Junction 8, Tampines Mall, Yishun, and VivoCity. Part of the reason I’m posting this is because I want this film to succeed wildly, so this sort of thing will get a wider release next time.

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Nanoha The Movie 1st: “Phantom Minds” Trailer

[youtube bzkzDuqFR4c]

Where “Phantom Minds” is the title of the song by Nana Mizuki. The main interesting point (for me, anyway) is a bit more on the changes to the designs of the Devices from the original anime. Raising Heart looks even more sci-fi military tech, albeit still with the magical girl colouring scheme.