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Figurine Review: Revoltech Danboard (Yotsuba&!)

At last year’s AFA, I purchased a number of figurines – one of which was my very first Revoltech, the Danboard from Yotsuba&!. So let’s take a closer look at everyone’s favourite cardboard robot…

The Danboard (or Danbo) made its first appearance in chapter 28 of the Yotsuba&! manga. Originally made by Ena and Miura for a school project, Danboard (or rather, Miura in a cardboard suit) encountered the manga’s titular character, Yotsuba, and used it to trick her into believing that it was a real robot.

The contents of the package is relatively simple. Besides the usual product information leaflets and adverts, the box contains the Danboard, an alternate head (Miura) and its “revoltech” connector, and a base for the Danboard.

"Off with her head!"

The build quality of the revoltech is pretty solid. It doesn’t have that plastic feel other figurines might have, and with closer inspection, you’ll actually notice the colour gradiation on certain parts of the figure. One of the better made figurines I have in my (albeit somewhat limited) collection.

One of the best (and most surprising) things about the figurine is the ability for the Danboard’s “eyes” to light up. Batteries are included as part of the package as well. This might seem gimicky to some, but I thought it gave the Danboard revoltech a rather exclusive feel (or maybe I just think its cool…).

One drawback of the figurine though, is the “revoltech” connector. While the unique connector does make it feel solid not “loose” like seasoned gunpla parts for example, its stiffness makes it hard twist and turn. The posability of the figurine is also limited by the extent of which the connector is able to turn.

Due to the weight of the Danboard head, certain poses (like the one above) would require the figurine to be attached to the base. The Miura head accessory is pretty well made, though she does look a bit plump and the skin colour is perhaps slightly off.

All in all, a very well designed Revoltech figurine and another firm favourite among photographers (or at least one particular photographer). Price at which I got it though is a little steep. Interested buyers will probably be able to find it online (second-hand) at lower prices. Be warned though that the figurine has since been discontinued (according to HLJ), which might explain the jacked-up prices.

Price: S$80 at the Roborobo booth at AFA11 (rather pricey)

Rating: 9/10

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