Shizuka Itou “live” at STGCC

Hi, my name is Andrew Huang. I am a new writer with Animenauts and my first post will be on the guest appearance of SHIZUKA ITOU at the recent STGCC…

For those who do not know who she is, here is a short introduction.

She is an anime seiyuu, graduating from the 3rd intake of Ken Production’s School Duo development program and made her début in 2002. (Can I say her 3 sizes? Nah! Fans will kill me…)

Some of her famous lead roles are:
“Maria sama ga miteru” as Rei Hasekura
“Okami san to shichinin no nakama tachi” as Ryoko Okami
“Amagami SS” as Haruka Morishima
“Hayate no gotoku!” as Hinagiku Katsura

For me, I got to know her first as voicing Hinagiku Katsura in Hayate no Gotoku. She became one of my favourite seiyuu after that.

When the event starts, to my surprise, she came out in a yukata (Awww…so cute and beautiful). She said that she was anxious that not many fans would be there and was overwhelmed by the response. (Wahahaha…you are being loved by a lot of otakus in Singapore…) She commented that she found Singaporeans very energetic and friendly.

Next was the Q&A session. The emcee asked her a few questions which were suggested by fans and those whose questions were chosen were awarded her autograph. I shall try and summarise what I can remember from the session (Was stunned by her looks and can’t really remember what happened).

Q: How do you handle voicing from a tsundere character like Hinagiku Katsura in “Hayate no Gotoku!” to a hyper-cute character like Haruka Morishima in “Amagami SS”?
I have a different mental preparation for each type of character. (At least that’s what I thought she said…)

Q: Which type of character do you prefer to play – tsundere, cool or weak?
I’ve got no preference but I’ll try and understand the feelings of whoever she’s voicing.

Q: How much time does she spend recording for an anime series?
It is usually very long. The director will discuss with me the character’s attitude,style, etc. Recording for each series can vary from meeting once a week to a single 20 minute session.

Next up was the dubbing session. They choose episode 13 of the 2nd season of Hayate no Gotoku (the episode where Hinagiku celebrates her birthday with Hayate in the student council room). She dubbed nearly the whole episode. Nice!

She also did a number of “lines” that were requested by fans (Those whose lines were chosen also received her autograph as a prize):

1) Ryoko Okami from “Okami san to shichinin no nakama tachi”

2) Hisa Takei from “Saki”

3) Hinagiku Katsura in “Hayate no Gotoku!”

4) Haruka Morishima in “Amagami SS”

She did it all perfectly. I think it is a must for seiyuu to prepare when voicing different characters. But it was spectacular to see her dubbing “live”. The voice with the most impact was the “cute” Haruka and Hisa (how she said the mahjong moves). She added that she was currently going through various auditions to voice more anime series and hoped to add singing into her resume.

Overall, it was awesome. It was definitely worth the S$10 just to see her. However, it was not that crowded compared to the Kana Hanazawa event at last year’s AFA. I certainly hope that more seiyuus will come to Singapore for similar events. Below, I’ve included a photo of her from her blog. Even though I was in the front row during the event, photo-taking was unfortunately not allowed.  Therefore, no personal photos.

Interestingly, I was surprised that she mentioned in her blog that she drank Tiger Beer while she in Singapore. Hmm…she actually drinks…

Courtesy of Shizuka Itou's blog

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  • GFoppy

    “I was stunned by her looks and can’t really remember what happened.”

    I see what you did there, lol.