Spice and Wolf volume 2 to have original cover

Publisher Yen Press has announced that the 2nd volume of the Spice and Wolf novel will have the original Japanese illustrations on its printed cover with an alternate illustration on the dust jacket. This alternate cover serves to “satisfy the requests of [Yen Press's] retail partners who have asked that the books be made more appealing to a wider purchasing public”.

This comes after numerous feedback from fans regarding the new cover illustration (which was aimed at American mass-market readers) for the 1st volume of the novel.
(Source: ANN / Yen Press)

Thoughts: Probably for the best since it appeals to both the fans and the retailers. I just realised though that I should have bought volume one over Amazon so as to get the dust jacket with the original illustration instead of going to Kinokuniya…

  • http://zieglam.deviantart.com Zieg Lam

    Awww, they sure have weird tastes.

  • http://leafboi.uni.cc leafboi

    Yep, they like changing cover-art for games too T-T.

    The publishers probably thought people will put off the book as a kiddie (cartoon = children) book so they changed the cover art. But that doesn't make much sense, since the inner illustrations are anime-ish still (Trick people to buy the book?) or did they changed the stuff inside the book as well?

  • kindaichi17

    Lol…illustrations inside are fine…I think the Americans (or perhaps just the retailers) have like this sort of stereotype of fantasy novels, like you must have a pretty girl in front if not it wouldn't sell…

  • reiiya

    I must admit I kinda liked american version of the first cover. But oh dear God, this 2nd cover is FUGLY! Thankfully they have chosen to use original one. I am really grateful :)